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The 11th Philosophy, Honey-Bee Critical Theory
A Doctrine of the 29th League, by riaaz ally 2017- present

“The Architectures of our Human Condition are continuously being defined through our achieved states of Critical Consciousness…”

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still requires many updates which too include assassinations… hierarchies…censorships, arts, protection orders, blackmails, coherences, elaborations and reword rewrite, trusts, pyramids, oaths, like hypocritic oaths, references where needed, medical argument of recovery, life partner, friendship, work colleague, family, social interaction, self determination and reflection, dusty feet, …false reports reconstructs from he say she says used in interrogation, legality in terms of lawyers presence, detaining legalities, legal notifications, torture methods used for forced confessions, utilizing interrogation methods to alter behaviors for empirical observation to construct reports,…which laws made it possible that interrogations were able to convict innocent people, including self incrimination, how such interrogations are operated, and much much more, how these forces make false claims to the public about going toos…eg. going to arrest and going to pick up and so on and so forth…deception tactics, it has multiple uses, …interrogation methods such as Reid and so on and so forth, forced confessions, voluntary and involuntary confessions, validity of it in a case, case studies using coercion and manipulation, neurosciences used in terrorism suspects interrogations, prolonged and abusive interrogations, …

these wouldn’t be able to be banned either…drafts which could be written, wouldn’t have the same primary source experience… others may be very political too… no solutions and so on… very strong human rights message…a hectic story… perhaps critical close the follow thru of the sentences for coherence…