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The 11th Philosophy, Honey-Bee Critical Theory
A Doctrine of the 29th League, by riaaz ally 2017- present

“The Architectures of our Human Condition are continuously being defined through our achieved states of Critical Consciousness…”

So it’s just a label….
So…and so what…
It’s still majority rules and doggy doodle drools or something
And that’s why Christianity goes with scientific theory…okayyy….(don’t even bother to ask where?…)
And so well organized with analysts …etc…
I see his point…very miss the point too

I was right then and very organized…large amount of organized resources…and analytics and technology… ethnic cleansing and that sort of …of… analytics…(I see the idiot in all of it and … conceptual scientific theories…even tried n tested 10000s of them which too tells those applied in that context…and practical use too…is 0… useless… scientific criminals)
About Jesus a.s.
And also the label
And also critical theory…
And Palestine
And what do u mean majority and scientific…oh…u mean like that conceptual O
So since the priorities are all wrong then… conceptual and not real…
hmm…10 commandments have no value too otherwise the priorities would be right
Capitalist having an issue with their majority superficial theories of minority
Back to point 1. So it’s just a label with nothing in it too?

quite simple
forcing something…like it has been
i must lie rather…and then they will be happy with their desperate he say she say and fantasies
i must be a criminal rather ?
what does that say about science and he say she say?
science is 0 to truth
and why?
because u torturing to make ur models and assumptions…
what was the model used …? must of been a desperate one…
and even to try and lighten to a long extended one?
still the same…
and why would it be the same?
has nothing to do with stubbornness does it? exactly they lying

wouldnt they feel better if they can walk away
i mean
get away…
u know what i mean
i dont know why they dont…do like it says in the chapters
quite some time ago…
just walk away rather…
but instead…they prefer to sit on the system, when like it says in the chapters
could gloat the other way…whilst
going the other way
i suppose it wouldn’t work, what would they say
we tortured him and we got away…
and he did nothing?… hardcore cools of the society…
we live in…
its so nothing doing nothing man….
to be hardcore and get ahead in life, u have to have that…go getter attitude u see…
ruthless and unscrupulous and relentless to have any respect that actually matters
make it all jampacked and filled up and nice and full …
still havent answered the critical question…
…have they not answered it yet….
even with length of time? …
see what was all the jam packed and all together and collective stand tall and flat and wide and deep? shame to just walk thru it like that…


answer the critical question right in front of u…in that few sentences…
is that a lie question?
exacto, u lying is the answer with ur jam-packed move so now……remove all ur devices and instruments and whatever ways to make things not seem as they appear
so if i did that anyway…? exacto u still lying

doesnt fit with go to work and do nothing and stay on the moral high ground does it…although that does make it all 0
and even to going forward in life too…
so why doesnt it fit with that critical truth and point?

does that vendetta make sense?
well it would make sense because it would then be real…
but does it make sense if it were put into perspective what do u expect…if u torture someone for some rubbish in their heads that they hiding away…and living in some tunnel with this delusion in their head
make up millions of other reasons that have no value
excpet that 1 in reality
so there 10 commandments needed to be made gross
makes u wonder what makes them that desperate to go to that extent when all of it is 0…

tells u alot ?
and at the same time
accuse of something that is in their mind…and makes no sense to what they do…and even if it says he is not suppose to exist…
u still chasing and making up fantasies forcing an accusation…
what applied to the prophets and still said left up to God…
they were forced to forgive…
how would God forgive then?…
since it applied to everyone too…if u dont forgive…then maybe God will forgive? how?…
if u dont forgive then God wont?…for what reason would He forgive…
because asked to clear the slate but still didnt correct it…
point is…
since it applies to everyone for which reason would God forgive even if u ask Him directly…
would it not need some sort of reason to be accepted?

with regard to the most sincere prayer…
maybe u come back someone or something else…with a message…
and that is not conditional…meaning it may be straight from ur heart…
therefore too…
the Quran is quite blatantly and deliberately confusing its Truth…
because u have to believe in 1 very important part which makes it all happen…Jibreel a.s…energy…
did he smash the mountains?…
with regard to a God on earth…shirk…
did he smash the mountains…
and also ego…
human ego…
that too at the most…as seen thru Jesus a.s…
and also his God given solutions…
not forceful solutions…forced onto…imposed…on him by his society
also the real event and the black magic event…i speak blackmagic maybe a bit too often…
is black magic has a consequence which the real event doesnt
and also…
black magic cant see as far and insights are warped ones…
with regard to finding the truth…all u need is spiritual enlightenment not approached by an illuminated rings of energy…with no centre…i.e. not something loki can jump thru at such a speed time almost stands still….unless energy can just wobble along like a jelly fish with no body…which doesnt look like a UFO…nor an alien nor anything of such sort…
exactly…WTF is that, and …not too long…till its all over because WTF ever that is, is coming for me, and i cant run anywhere, nor hide, nor frighten my ex partner, nor involve her whatever told me that, nor tilt or put any fuel or any contamination on a very sensitive and delicate situation as it already is…and if i go and if i dont…but when i go…i i didnt waste any last moments that i wouldnt want to leave behind…that was bitter, argument, and even if it is that i do survive, not an argument easily sparked off, from a phone call at 2 or 3 am…which would be day time there…so it was a good bye actually…and not something to hang her neck on…

as it panned out…

the reason why they all safe and iether ither one or the other …exactly…all stuck…and call either ither one or the other all in shit for something they would be blamed for as well as me…setup with a setup? now bring the evidence…and the best excuses even to align theirs with her to have the same…

thus too…u see the twists of the chapter where it says…i can see the twists, i can see how the other blames were pointed my way…all false? all false …clearly and visibly so too…thats the critical point it hits on…the blame
and …since that is so and nothing i can do…( such conspiracies have 1 common component….poisoning…from which the rest of it is then played out…documented in many published CIA web journals…
even frightened which it starts off as…and extremely cold…like ice cold…and extremely scared…
but then…theres nothing u can do…
sounds simple…shit in the pants pee in the bed…
all that is 0 too

and left with literally…let me call someone with a try to keep it in normal how are u conversation…
not even say frightened…

makes sense ?
something he believed in…
and so many followed
yet he was called mad for something he believed and lived by in him…with him, him…
and people crucified and tortured him…what did they expect as results?…
society was sick in their heads…i bet if u left him alone? then?
God is a myth? Very good don’t believe in God🤨 so it’s plus 1 a capital crime
Jesus a.s. believed in a myth so he paid for it with a capital punishment because he believed in God?
Thus Jesus a.s. was a myth and so is the 10 commandments and every other prophet and their teachings…
Thus Christianity no longer has Jesus a.s. because he is a myth, he believed in a myth thus told he is a myth and accused as such too…
Therefore Christianity doesn’t exist it’s just a label. How can it be anything related to Jesus a.s.
It’s fictitious like Karl Marx said,those are myths to reality?
Is Islam then fictitious…which one is fictitious and myths?…
So believing in myths why would u believe in myths, then myths come true right?
so they believed he was a myth, even though he said he is a man,and doesn’t think he is God he knows he isn’t God…so why they accusing him…because everyone else is perfect and the only truth and he lies and lies…is that how perfect he was that it must be a myth to be so honest, to be so selfless, to understand and have such insight that people tried to compare and when they couldn’t accused and accused because of their selfish egoze…to say and oppress, he thinks he is God, why would they say that and blindly think it’s humerous or some pleasure, and some reason to crucify him and all the other prophets because he is God…or thinks that…he didn’t others did and accused and accused thinking that they will just continue torturing him?…sick people
Did Jesus a.s. say he was God or only but a man…
Ironically…off everyone goes and believes in God…secretly or something?
So Jesus a.s. believed in a myth that by the commandments and his teachings no harm to anyone…yet people could only think of crucifying him despite him saying over and over, am I suppose to be a criminal, or change my ways to fit in to the level and depth of what being accused of, and such people thinking I’m God🤨 isn’t that extremely sick of them

have to shoot these guys for a God on earth don’t u think, mahd thees guys

Now add rights to that?…This is what is … known as existence in reality…all the rest is theoretical…
What is known to be existent…
And that is where it all is heading…
Thus the reality of that too…is there is no such thing as non existence why? exacto…masses…u don’t have the right to exist is the other way ? Just like in the chapters…there’s another critical point within those 2points…which both miss…there has to be…the right to be alive the right to have a brain the right to that right to make a choice noone else can choose any other tool…which is take a life or drive to that point to take a life…
Which is existence itself…the right to live…life breathe…and the brain to have that right without forcing it to make a choice noone can choose for u either…Or force it in that direction…it’s called? Murder in euthanasia…someone doesn’t have the competence to make his own decisions… Thus?

the …hard knocked indestructible stone of… independence… including any rubbish anyone throws at u , internally too and in fictitious too…and business too, and…acquaintance relations of… benefit

Is the country at a level of argument…that is a totally useless one…Since the base is are u freedom Fighting yet….at the rock bottom of the levels where any luxury discussion or debate has any value… because what is being argued when should u buy a baseball bat or build a bunker…can nu see how we flourishing with opportunity…and the gradual progression upward with that arguments mechanics pushing us Forward?lol Right I see…need to give it a heev and a push u know…bump n grind or like grind forward or smash it into pebbles…yaaa it

a question then is, is any of it true what happens upstairs
because if that is then true rather than saying he is crazy to even think that is true, and thus making all scripture and Quran, and the truth and blackmagic all rubbish and merely just lessons to learn from with critical foresight, and value that still is of value today,
he couldnt of been mad to understand and write clearly of, and live by such beauty…since he said it came from a figment of his imagination and called it God…and people got so upset …that they even called him crazy to believe what he further believed, that there is a God upstairs with a heaven and a hell…
now the question is is it true?
is it not true?
either way…
and also too the vendetta of either way being criminals to crucify him…since why would that make any sense? jealousy and envy and afraid, and non believers all alike
and also if it was used as an excuse and said it can only be jahannam he came from as described in scripture and quran…
exactly…what is then described as punishment upstairs for merely just crucifying him and calling him and making him mad even, for something whether believed or not…
is criminals down here for whatever crimes those are including bigotry
as well as …lets say its true…that punishment upstairs of jahannam is waiting for those that crucified him…including about telling people about what lays ahead for them upstairs…illogical though was he that badly misunderstood …
so the points are…they cant see
they dont believe
they do believe
and the accusation is ridiculous too…
exactly….and for those who do believe and for those that don’t believe

I don’t think Jesus a.s. only laughed out of what he was accused of because as per same logic ….of that nail of moral high ground and differences between blackmagic and the Truth…
He laughed out of flipping hell extremes , what he knows and that humor … remember it is at an extreme point and actually not funny at all and so diluted to just that isolated point…that calling it a sick sense of humor isnt valid either…so it must of been…like he said too on his way out…
And maybe portrayed like that to say something else and many other something else’s..to the point of pls have mercy on him as he asked …with all those options to…flipping hell God…pls have mercy on these people because yoh…ur hiding is something
That what makes this what he is going thru…very very little…can u see how strong his belief was…now is it madness and why didn’t he change then even if it was to be a criminal like the rest…and that would of saved him…
Answer that question without just saying there must be a God or those where his anchors and strength…there’s a critical point there …that should give u a better answer then …than all those others? Interesting

the stress techniques applied …can and also is used to force to make a fatal fatal move which is a boobitrap no matter how much perceptions and fears and intimidations they force on u and that is to go to mafia level, such as triads and so forth
because that is a boobitrap for accusations and planting of false evidence and labelled terrorists…because …they would try and gather together again to force such rumors that u think there is a hit
and too…forcing that movement u would think has no solution
it does
go to work and do nothing that bullet wont come and neither them making opportunity to go to that level and they stay within organised crimes syndicates
like i have explained about psychobabble
and where the criminals are as origin point not bluff point
as well as where the bullet is spinning
and all those other things i have explained
and thus they are a few delusional organised criminals forcing u to make a move that seems the only option which is a boobitrap, and so is the same as a protection order as well asa restraining order…why? exxacto…they are going to get murdered by their own bullet…
and also too that…is delusional what they are forcing as reality…
reality is…go to work and all that
and leave them to their devices and if need be as it is now…who is the contradiction
as well as…maybe they need a hammer on there toes every now and again….why? because they will get out of hand and too rude…and have no respect…but in fact that shouldnt be needed either…but u know these type that will force for such things… its a boobitrap…
but as u can see…they are trapped why? 1st move was an offence and structured setup

so now
i have to walk around the room write over here everything am doing …u know …besides jotting don everything

with a mirror , imagine where the sound is coming from as a speaker and see if i can see it in the mirror …lol
look at the light and see where it reflects off surfaces…
for sound energy reflections and points at where it would accumulate like corners…
and place …3 inch sound proof foam padding hey…lol
pyramids and linear ones placed in adjacent angles…plug all the electricity outlets with putty, place my mattress on the floor and use green glue around the edges for the gap …😂
perhaps paint my desk with sound proof paint and angle the whole ceiling downwards so the sound can go straight passed my ears and into the floor
maybe stare at the reflections on my phone walking around the room looking for energy reflections so i can sound proof my room lool
but maybe ill switch off the lights, use a torch and instead of looking for the reflections of light energy
shine the light along the floor for reflections spotting …lol
smaller energy bigger surface…simple economics…
maybe measure my room with a light linear ruler, and measure the time too for energy source distance less weather less obstacles and including bouncing off other surfaces…so if i flick a match here where the light energy is shining onto, or in a corner where sound accumulates and there is, sonic ultra sound equipment…ull hear me even whisper under my breath…it will echo the other way…seeing halos in the eyes is one thing for eye issues…however the tympanic membrane is very clever…hearing sounds in my head, would be false…
those come from, not even narcotics, u can hallucinate yes, however that is not hallucinating far off the mark,

do u know how easy it is to certify and verify and validate the system of sound

it doesnt turn or switch off
ull still pick up magnetic or rf
or etc
including…the data digital it sends…( not misinterpretation like voice recognition type of thing…
ie like talking semantics…its data being sent…and translates the real message
and also…
the real voice being used is masked…
etcs in those instances
red green black blue pink waves etc…
so where is it machines nope
nearby a device such as below or in ur head nope
phone nope
computer nope
satelite nope
bugs nope

maybe yes if close enough
and then i press a charge against u
over caaadova
because…u cant stop that…aangelaste process exactomento
make a move now?
and then u have a case number right
and then what next…it tells u there is no escape even to overseas why

…local investigation….then what about her
he say she say
and voice
and collectve
and conspiring
and mental disorders ( means u havent switchedit off yet)

Come together ? 1 by 1 by 1?
Come together and 1
Ofcourse … when that paper is done …and
Each and every single place will get that certified copy…
And then?
See no rumors dissemination exacto
So like legal terms regardless of public which public 1 by 1 ? Or exacto
And then.::
Psychology report
And will go with my website too
And thus
With that and then ?
Now tell me about ur public collective and 1 by 1
And then .:: maybe go away and come back I dunno
Then psychiatry one a true one no false one because of that certified document…and then
Also letting u know ahead of time …
Then what ?
Skinner skinner 1 by 1
Maybe altogether rumors and 1
And will go with my website also certified
And then ?
U have a pretty big problem on ur hands
As it reduces and then?
Organs of f state and then?
See just like the website says
And too that gives the definitive truths
That paper verifies again
And reports along time stopped on time for ? I told u so all the time not everyday
And then permanent not permanent
And then
Safps protectional letter an then?
In all those docs it also shows u the cleverness which I too wrote in wavering rights to silence
See the other way around. Rather than the accusation
Why forensics exacto and then ?
I told u pls I don’t want u to get hurt don’t support u can jump out and can let there be no support for the system and then?
Go wide go small and then ?
See? What will happen just like it says so no arrests and all open to bribery’s rather and blackmail
And then what about trial…
And then what u have in ur hands
Haven’t even started on cybercrime investigations yet thru social media and my
Myth theories u know al exacto ur in popo
And then not even charges yet
And then
Psychobabble article of 1 person handling the whole of Cape Town…
And then

I’m blaming right ?
And ur gossip circles isn’t that like …… damnation defamations

( pls dont mind the ?…if i told u u would be involved right? self sense of moral stature and if i didnt tell u then u not involved? neither back n forward 1 jump in 1 jump out this n that…exacto…)
blood on the hands and a criminal…?…
what wrote earlier about giants and competition….exacto….go what level criminal then exacto irrational……………in the one chapter wrote on trusts money habitatio blackmail grandkids, blackmail through habitatio assets wealth and taking it all apart including islamic family hierarchy, trustee, collate, sequestration and entity in trusts as well as…now all one family ….like its suppose to be…same applies in business…instrumentally take one apart with out all these theories…of offenses and so forth…moral high ground, rizk, baraka, takwa, emaan, piety ( although this does have an ego to it too )…sabr…insightful, mindful, charitable. appreciative, ok, maybe not all will really take a bullet hey lol…not suicidal also in the chapters, and tells u the essence of the front page…ambiguity in opposites ( ambiguity is vendetta driven…malice driven in intents )
cheeses krwaist

in addition u can have extreme pressure on the brains and opens up the cylinders for long periods and pressure, enabling access to gamma level level thinking, 6 th senses as so to say…(lambda is too…those how know less of it will confuse it with spiritual, and accuse of narcotics…chapter intuition)
whispers can happen temporarily from such pressure to the brain, but is temporary…maybe only a few weeks or 2 or 3 months …voices too however its very easy…stick a finger in ur ear…as well as many other signs which will tell u its not in the head like, split personality, or extreeeem bipolar, ( u still have 1 universe in ur mind not 2 universes…)
Dissociative identity disorder
Also known as: multiple personality disorder, DID
Dissociative identity disorder is characterized by:
Presence of two or more completely different personalities
Memory variations
Drug abuse
Eating disorders
Sleep disorders
Panic attacks
Suicidal tendencies
Mood swings
cost measurements…
and actual source of energy and how far away the location is?
so maybe if i lay relaxed hey, and roll the opposite it will be the opposite of what i rolled lol…or maybe opposite of that opposite if am going down and have to that i must be in shit hey since going the right way
or maybe not hey, maybe i have plan and getting out of the shit …
very poor
operators and participants of that sound system cant be right in their head

regarding sound masking,
the difference between real recorded one and youtube examples…
when u clean it up,
which masks are u cleaning
are u now hearing a man with the phone in his pocket and doesnt know its recording or tapped into
to a dinner or office conversation in the background
to the in between sounds which would be coming from the example the other recording which u could see i tried to snip just to play that part…
so when u clean the original clean white grey black pink brown noise
u can see the masks real and not real…
vs a youtube recording
there is more too to that…
which masks did u now clean are these the right ones?
including the sound, u ca hear the sound in the air, its almost like hearing ur computer go whiiiiiiir, very lightly though,
then u have voice masks…
for this reason as explained when the RFs was used and also sound jammers,
but with something that gives sound back ad its at the same, thn it echoes around like a repeat but all around the air
What is the difference between sound masking and white noise?
Avatar By Jon Page 7.09.2020
What is Sound Masking?
Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce noise distractions in that environment. It is a key tool to help solve the speech privacy problem.
this is one use…
when used for voice to skull to explain it easy imagine sounds at all those different frequencies as only a component…there are the actual team too…intergrated…
like scanning over ur brain…up and down like a scanner ….
to torture and distort ur brain, and tap into various waves, …
a small snippet is the part below written,
when its a continous wave of non stop
r banging noise extremely loud
when u move position its like hearing people talking in another room and im sitting in another
to even when u shower, the drops specific screams and noise made so that every wirr and sound even water drop in a tank sound like something, even to an accent…

very similar to my story
however these arent the documents
fables u see to them fables
so they come with their system
will hear a whole lot of fables

about the system they use of blame

  • abusing women ( used as manipulation and allegations and so forth
  • use children ( same as above )
    i said the best way is not to fall for that manipulations…and therefore have to be rude…
    so the example is and the use of it is u can see why i say for them sellin their own mother is fables too…
    they tried to use children again…
    1- i told them u are f sick ( opening remark…u should already listen )
    2- ur mommy n daddy other parents are sitting spectating u know these spectators and…peers of theirs…u know these vigilantes with no flppn ears
    3- ur mommy n daddy, why dont the f off u a p of shit ( opening and a starter and reminder, i was thinking of ways how to get this into their head to f off yoh…they abusing their kids and they dont listen because thats what they want and not going to get their false reports right and i will find a way to write it down here so u know who ur heroze are and what they talk in opposite direction camaflouges of what they are …i.e. im going to get my point across)
    4-( that didnt get thru to the mother sitting right there…over the system with her friends…)
    5- u mommy and daddy ( intentional )told me that u the worst piece of filfth on the planet and a mistake ( here its a step )( that still didnt get thru but the other parents i could feel it obviously that started to well them up inside but the main one still leaves her kid on the system ) fk me sideways i was thinking this p of sht doesnt listen
    6- ok i need to go a bit harder here, i told u to f off and p off why dont u listen u sick in ur f head and etc…( restart to come in again …)
    7- yoh this woman sill doesnt listen but the other parents were waking up finally…( u can follow the rest ) but this woman with her friends still sit there and leaves her kid there for u know all the reasons ive explained to u and so forth
    8- so then ok i must go even fkn harder than that this woman is fkn sick man yoh yoh …ok
    9- u know u piece of f shit…ur mommy and daddy do suck on ur…p p… does ur mommy give a bj…1 or 2 sentences around that same area…with an add on in between, do u know what is a bj…( back to the parents i told u to f piss off f sick and etc …) ( punched them in the balls…finally …can u believe it…they didnt listen up till then )
    10- fukkn hell hey yoh finally her and her sick friends listen to piss off…
    imagine they do that often and when i say they cant they so sick they will go do the opposite…as usual
    now the points of…see they have no point they dont want to listen and told them p off and f off but they want to keep them clever…
    exactly everything true about them and false reports and whatever he say she says…eezakli
    see what i mean
    these are ur heros
    ur vigilantes
    ur people u put ur trust in
    look at how they sell their mothers
    ( i had to actually knock or punch it harder for it to get thru…they sick right into the bones man yoh yoh )

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Sound Masking System vs. White Noise Machine
Sound masking is often misunderstood as white noise. White noise in office spaces is irritating when it is amplified, sounding similar to loud AM radio static. By matching the frequencies of human speech, sound masking is specifically engineered to mask conversations for greater speech privacy and productivity. While white noise includes all frequencies at equal energy and can be distracting and annoying, sound masking creates a more immersive experience that people barely notice.
Difference between white noise and sound masking spectrum
Difference between white noise and sound masking spectrum
Download Free Sound Masking 101 Brochure
Immersive Sound vs. Localizable Sound
White noise is localizable. This means you can tell where the sound is coming from. Just like a fan, your ears can locate a white noise machine and it thus becomes a distraction. A sound masking device is a more immersive experience because the sound is everywhere. When the system is properly tuned and installed, sound masking should fade into the background. There should be no gaps in sound masking as you walk throughout the office.
Deployment option
Sound masking systems should be installed with a detailed installation plan, accounting for every light fixture, wall, and even the material of your ceiling. This is achieved by appropriate spacing of sound masking speakers (emitters) and adjusting the intensity of the sound masking. There are two deployment options for sound masking speakers – Direct field and Indirect field sound masking. Depending on the layout and the structure of your unique space, our design team will provide the best advice to create a comfortable acoustical environment for your workplace.
Where can sound masking be used?
Sound masking systems are commonly used in open-office spaces to minimize noise distractions, increase speech privacy and optimize work productivity. Sound masking solutions are also must-haves today for hospitals, clinics, and therapy offices to protect patient privacy. The solution can help improve HCAHPS scores and help meet HIPAA compliance in healthcare facilities.